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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Now a days frozen parathas are getting very popular but i guarantee that nothing is as fresh as and better in taste than Home-made Parathas. Making parathas at home is very simple and i would like to share this recipe with everyone.

All purpose flour/Maidaflour-3cups
Salt to taste
Milk and water required

Take a big bowl and put all purpose flour, sugar and salt. Mix well, add beaten egg and 1/2 cup oil to the dry mixture, add water and milk little by little until you make a soft dough. Adequately apply oil on top of the dough and cover it with wet cloth and rest it for 2 hours or until it doubles in its size. After 2 hours take small amount of doughs and make it rounds. Roll into thin sheets with rolling pin, hold one sheet lift with two hands and swirl and lift it in the air and hit on the top of the table. Till the sheet becomes bigger, lift the sheet and fold it in fan folding method( like making pleats for clothes) and gather pleats. Take one end of gathered pleat, in circle motion make it flat round. Now roll this flat round to bigger circles as doing for chapatis. Heat the Tawa sprinkle oil on top. Place the rolled paratha on the tawa. Cook on both sides till golden brown. Place four to five cooked parathas on a plate hit its sides nicely with both the hands and you can see the layers in it. Serve Hot with any curry of your choice.


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