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Thursday, 6 August 2009


Cauliflower florets-2cups

Maida/ All purpose flour-4tbsp
Rice flour-4tbsp
Corn flour-4tbsp
Turmeric powder/ Red food colour-pinch
Onion medium thinly sliced-1
Green chilly thinly sliced-3
Garlic and Ginger minced-2tbsp
Chilly powder-2tsp
Dark Soy sauce-1tsp
Ajinomoto( MSG)-pinch
Salt to taste
Oil to fry

Make a smooth batter out of maida flour, corn flour, rice flour, food colour, chilly powder and salt. Dip the cauliflower florets in this batter and deep fry in hot oil till golden brown. Drain the cauliflower florets and set aside on a paper towel. Heat 2tbsp of oil in a wok, when hot add the minced garlic and ginger and fry for few seconds then add the sliced onions and green chilly. Fry for few more seconds, add sugar, chilly powder, dark soy sauce, ajinomoto and salt. Mix well and add the fried cauliflower florets mix until all the florets are well coated with the chilly mixture. Serve hot as snack or along with Fried rice.


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