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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Puris or leftover Puris-10
Onion small chopped-1
Capsicum/ Green Bell pepper small chopped-1
Garlic cloves minced-4
Ginger minced-1/2"
Soy sauce-2tsp
Green chilly sauce-2tsp
Chilly powder-1tsp
Salt to taste

Cut the puris into squares. Mix cornflour with 1 tsp of water to smooth paste. Heat oil in a pan, add the minced ginger and garlic, saute and add the onions and capsicum. Fry for few mins. Add the soy sauce, chilly sauce, chilly powder and salt. Fry for few more mins and add about 2 tsp of water. When boils add the corn flour paste, when slightly thickens. Add the cut puris and mix well with the sauce. Serve Hot. Do not use hot puris as they will get soggy, use leftover puris for this recipe or allow the hot puris to cool for 2 hours.


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