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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Excellent dessert, easy to prepare and delicious in taste.

Ingredients for caramel
Sugar( powdered)-1/2cup

Ingredients for pudding
Thick Milk-3cup
Sugar Powdered-3/4cup
Vanilla essence-few drops

Method for Caramel
Heat a sauce pan add the powdered sugar and 2tbsp of water, let the sugar dissolve completely and allow the sugar to burn a little to get nice brown color( shouldn't over burn as you might get bitter taste). Remove from heat. Take an round oven mould and pour this prepared hot caramel into the mould. swirl the mould so that the caramel sticks completely to the base of the mould.

Method for pudding
In a large bowl beat the eggs, add powdered sugar and vanilla essence, mix well. Add milk little by little to the egg mixture stirring constantly. Now take the caramel greased mould, pour the pudding mixture inside the mould slowly. Cover the mould's rim with foil paper and make small holes on the foil paper. Heat enough water in a large vessel, when hot place the mould inside the vessel and cover with a lid. Steam the caramel pudding for atleast 20mins. Once done remove the foil paper and slide a knife into the pudding to check if its done. If the knife comes out smoothly the pudding is done perfectly, if not steam the pudding again for 10 mins. Bring the pudding mould to room temperature and then refrigerate for 2 hours( do not freeze). After 2 hours take the mould and slide the knife along the sides of the pudding to loosen up and invert the pudding on to the plate. Serve cold.


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