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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The past three days in Paris were unbelievable. Mostly because I got to see the office of Yves Saint Laurent himself. Still pretty unbelievable to me that I visited this place that so few will ever get a chance to see.  I wish I could have taken you with me through pictures, unfortunately but very understandable that wasn't allowed. His sophisticated assistant, who worked by his side for years and years, showed us around in his white office with a huge mirror and walls covered in books for inspiration. I stood by monsieur Yves Saint Laurent's desk, saw his unique personal belongings, his original design sketches in black pencil lines and designs he tried out by making them in cotton first. To experience his legacy and talent from so close, was a magical and special experience. And I'm so gratefull to have seen the place where YSL's creations came to life.

I left Paris with this small white bag with the brand's name printed on it. What's inside? You'll find out soon ;)


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