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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

 Not really fashion related, but there are some things going on that I simply wanted to share with you! After all, this is also a part of what I do. You might have read that my dad, Wil Michels, and I recently published a book called Focus op fans. It's the first Dutch book about branding and fan strategy and we recently got some amazing news. It's nominated for the Marketing Literature prize of 2011! A big deal in our work field, and we are very proud and honored.

Next to that, we've been giving lectures about the book - Wil also gives creative workshops - and one of them was yesterday. In a room of a 150 people at an SRM guru lecture to be exact. (If you work or study in the communication field; one of the speakers once was 'The purple cow' author Seth Godin now that's a guru!) I shared an insiders' view on blogging, spoke about how brands can approach bloggers, what collaborations usually go like, etcetera. It gives such a rush to be up there, tell your story, hear other's opinions and to meet interesting people. That's some of the best parts about working to me.
What are you looking at?
At yesterday's lecture
2) Focus op fans
3) Waiting for everyone to arrive
4) Michels + Michels
5) My twin brother came to support us!
6) Focus op fans
7) Flowers as a thank you 


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