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Friday, 30 March 2012

As with everything in life, the simplest things are often the hardest to find. Same goes for the perfect jeans. Whether we like ours bootcut, boyfriend or skinny, it’s one tough job to find a pair with the right wash and feel that – oh, yeah! – also fits us.    

So as you might know, Levi's developed a way to find jeans according to your body shape rather than focus on size. You can get measured in any of their stores and – based on specific body measurements – you’ll fit in to a Slight curve, Demi curve or Bold curve from their so-called Curve ID line. Smart thing, if you ask me, and for spring they’ve added shades like tomato red, indigo, coral and - for diehard skinny lovers like myself - a new ankle skinny.

Yesterday I attended the Levi's event with Chantal and Cindy, followed by a fun dinner date. I got measured (you're looking at a Demi curve!) and tried a pair of jeans that fitted me perfectly. Without any of the usual issues: too tight around the hips or too loose below your booty (and with the best vanity sizing ever...)


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