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Monday, 25 June 2012

I’m a crazy movie fan. And I won’t even deny that, when I was a little kid (ok, and an old kid), I had visions of myself being discovered as an actress and live a glamorous life of Oscars, dress ups and travelling the world. Well, that didn’t exactly happen. But now I, and you, get to contribute to an international movie anyway… 

T-Mobile has put together an cool, international cast and crew to create a road movie, and is looking for your creative input. They will be travelling Europe to film, and want to know your tips for locations, sights, special restaurants, movie music and so on. So if you’ve got a movie worthy spot in your city, know a thing or two about music or photographed some gorgeous sights on your last holiday, share them on where you can also keep track of idea's used. And your creative idea might be featured a movie with Mad Mikkelsen! (Yes, that guy from James Bonds and Clash of the Titans). 

They're doing this to show us exactly how much fun it is and how easy it should be to share 'on the go' moments (I'm a huge internet-freak, also abroad). Because their new concept makes sharing your travel moments and pictures easier to share, all over Europe. They’ve come up with a low budget internet pass for a day or a week that’s easy to activate. Enter: the T-Mobile Travel & Surf pass. I for sure need to try this out because I'm a total slave to my Wifi and constantly want to keep you updated when I'm at Fashion Week or on another fun trip.

PS. A little bird whispered in my ear that they’re still looking for a female lead role… So don't hesitate to contribute! ;) 


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