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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

After I did the 'What's in my bag: festival essentials', I got quite a few questions about that camera. I've become rather attached to it, and since I often get asked which cameras I use, it's time to properly introduce you to: my Olympus PenIf you have any more questions, leave them in the comments!

Next to my big equipment - the Canon 550D used with a 30mm/1.4 lens - I need a handbag friendly option that won't let me down on snap-worthy situations. Enter the Olympus Pen, pictured here. I use mine with a 14-42/3.5 lens and am looking to expand with a portrait one. (As with DSLR's, the lenses are interchangeable, everything is just smaller). After researching photography blogs and trying it out myself I fell in love and no, it's not just it's adorable vintage looks that seduced me. The quality, even just with my standard lens, is up to DSLR-standards, it has a touch screen and the filters are the best. (Admittedly, I'm a massive Instagram-addict so any easy way to subtly upgrade pictures is welcomed with open arms!). Anyway, this is the one camera that's always with me on the go because it's so lightweight and actually fits in my PS11. Quite an achievement on it's own. Festival looks, food pics and other Fashion Journal material most likely comes from my good old Pen pal.


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