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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Top 5 things I want in my home:

1. World map wall
A place in my home to daydream of adventure. The world map is such a familiar sight that, when it's blown up in to wall paper, it becomes more of a background print.

2. Big and small rugs
Let's fluff things up! I want one big (wool or cotton?) rug in my living room, a smaller fluffy one next to my bed and small sheep skin rugs in my lucite ghost chairs. I guess I just want very room to be a soft, comfy place.

3. Chalk board paint
To jot down 'to do' lists, a line from a favorite song, new recipes or hidden messages from friends. It's either this or a magnet paint wall or surface.

4. Large mirror
A big mirror opens up the space and - not completely unimportant - gives you a full outfit perspective. I had a baroque style one, in gold, and am now looking for a more clean feel.

5.  Mood board
Not at all original for a fashion office, but still I'd like to create a little place to collect beautiful images, happy notes and random scraps along the way.

Last week I gave you a little home tour tour and I'm glad you guys liked it! As I said, there's still a lot to be done to make it more complete and my own. I've made a top 5 of things I want to create in my apartment, with inspiration pictures to visualize them. 

images via tumblr, desiretoinspire, decorpad, thecoveteur, honestlywtf


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