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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Two consecutive outfits in flats, that might be a first. Obviously I'm hardly wearing heels here, since discovering a city this big is quite impossible in stiletto's and my foot is twice it's size due to a musquito bite allergy. With all the miles we're making going up and down Collins and Lincoln I think I'll skip working out for the next two weeks. Then again, those larger than life milkshakes, cheesecakes and fries will even the score ;) So I simply reassure myself that there's just no better way to immerse in local American culture than through it's food. Wait, is that a cheeseburger I see?!

American Vintage skater skirt
H&M Trend top
Balenciaga bag
Topshop flats and geometrical earrings

PS. I switched off word verification at the comments. I didn't even realize I had it anymore! Hope this makes commenting even easier and more fun :)


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