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Sunday, 29 July 2012

It's so much fun wearing these pants and I must say they're quite the conversation starter. You guys were curious about the brand when I posted a peek. Unfortunately I couldn't track these down online and oddly enough, I didn't even find any real information about the brand or its selling points. (Who would hide prints this cool from the world, you wonder!)

I got mine at a boutique in the Grove called Unika. (More on that later in a big Miami hotspot post). As the very last pair happened to be in my size -score!- I was already calculating Dollar prices in to Euro's. However, the pants had to be in the store window until the day I would fly home. The owner told me everyone came in asking about these and so I kind of puppy-eyed him until he decided to take them off early for me to try 'em on. Guess I couldn't say no after that! 

Olivia Ceous silk pants
Forrest & Bob tank top
Sam Edelman heels (not being eaten up by my pants here)
Balenciaga City bag


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