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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Recently I showed you what's in my festival handbag and a lot of you liked the article. So today I'm listing my airplane essentials! As you can tell I love to cram the hell in to a handbag, although all the above is regarded as an absolute necessity. For me, two things count when I'm up in the air: entertainment (think books, music, perhaps an iPad) and comfort (a cashmere jumper, lip balm, sleep mask). Do you pack the same?

What's in my airplane handbag?
- Passport: Well duhh... I keep mine in a colorful cover so I can spot it in a second.
- Wallet: a small pouch that holds only the basic credit card, bank passes, business cards, some Euro's and Dollars.
- Magazines and books: I'm saving books for the beach because I'm such a fast reader and have Russh and Lula magazine packed for the plane.
- Phone: to browse WiFi, send some texts, take on the go Instagrams and mainly to play Angry Birds. 
- Music: I need music more than anything when traveling. Being up in the air or on the road gives me great piece of mind and music helps with that. 
- Super valuables: delicate items of high value, like jewelry or my camera's, go in hand luggage.
- Movies: our Miami flight has little private screens (so my boyfriend and I synchronous-watch movies and series, it's quite fun :P). You could bring a small laptop, iPad or put some highly necessary Gossip Girl on your iPhone.
- Basic beauty supplies: a tiny perfume (Love, Chloé), small moisturizing eye or face cream (by Vichy), 8 Hour cream for dry lips, a black mascara (by Maxfactor) and concealer for touch ups upon arrival (L'oréal Lumi Magique).
- Hair tie and brush: hair often gets tangled and these two prevent me from looking totally bewildered.
- Notebook: When traveling I like to jot down ideas and little to do lists in my Moleskine.
- Hand sanitizer: a bag basic to destroy all airport germs. 
- Eye mask and ear plugs: Crying babies, airplane movies, bar carts, bright sun... Plug in and zone out with little foamy earplugs and a soft sleep mask that's not too tight.
- Candy: I'll be stuffing myself in Miami but need some gum and mints along the way.
- Socks and a soft jumper: (not pictured) Comfy socks because it gets super cold up there and it's comfortable to not wear shoes on really long flights. A soft jumper works as a snugly cover up  or blanket.


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