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Thursday, 23 August 2012

The past week or so was all about getting back in to work mode - after a sudden heat wave highjacked my motivation to sit at home behind a computer - and celebrating little things (it's still warm enough to bike home without a jacket!) and big things (an ELLE colleague is moving abroad for love, me and girl Jes became friends as kids exactly 16 years ago and my boyfriend and I celebrated our five year anniversary. Wow!) And what was the highlight of your past few days?

What are you looking at?
1) At Lowlands (see the entire festival outfit here)
2) A real leather and suede jacket that I might add to the Blog shop
3) Decorating my locker with pictures, notes and the coolest printed sticky tape
4) Gorgeous beaded cardigan thingy from H&M trend
5) Lunch with blog babes Cindy and Chantal
6) Sun at last! Time for a fun bikini
7) Sending off an ELLE colleague with dinner at restaurant Proef
8) Color coded PS11 storing
9) Celebrating my five (!) year anniversary with my boyfriend


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