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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Whenever I blog about Fashion Week I usually cover what I wear, which shows I went to or which people I met, with an occasional eating, partying or shopping snapshot. You know, life's essential activities. This post takes you behind the scenes, to the place where I blog, get ready for parties and start my day: a home away from home. In the case of New York Fashion Week our blog base was the The Sofitel New York, where I had one of the most comfy stays ever. (I always love how Americans stuff their beds with so many pillows. And it makes total sense now to have at least six pillows per person. Is that a typical American thing or do they do it elsewhere too?) 

Whenever I'm traveling a lot, or in general when visiting a hectic place like NY, it feels almost like a little present to myself to have a relaxing base with a good bed, a huge shower and a great location that puts me right in the heart of the city. Me and my awesome partner in crime Chantal felt really comfortable here (the typical city view might have something to do with that) and started all of our mornings discussing that day's plans from our own fluffy beds, followed by hot showers, croissants and coffee in Hyde park which was just around the corner and changing a hundred times in front of the mirrors. Man, I already miss those New York minutes and thanks Sofitel for making our NYFW go by so comfy and smooth (and for teaching us how to make cocktails... my new favorite skill that makes me look absolutely cool).


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