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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I'm holding on to my studded Topshop slippers for dear life, but truth be told: they're done. Finito. All worn up. As replacements I found a plain suede slipper and a leather, more bulky studded loafer, both from Zara (an obvious loafer spot). 

And I just arrived in London, where I sense Topshop will have good wardrobe additions waiting for me as well. I left a HUGE duty free splurge in the restrooms (we're talking the largest bottle of my perfume, new MAC foundation and two eyeshadows and a face cream) and can't contact anyone. Apparently there's not a single person with a phone there at a Heathrow airport help desk, even though it was just 6 in the evening. It's just stuff/money down the drain (a lot of it though) but it totally threw me off - let me remind you that I'm totally jet lagged and a sleep deprived wreck ;) - and left me frustrated with both myself and Heathrow... Anyway, London is great, I'm in good company, in a great hotel and feel like my days here at London Fashion Week will be great. Stay tuned!


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