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Friday, 19 October 2012

Hi, who's this..? Oh, it's me, GIVING AWAY 4 Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones (worth 699 euros) after the jump!

My smartphone is one of my favorite accessories. It’s glued to my hand more than any ring I wear (or than any cookie I eat. Busted!) and I’m constantly capturing things I see or what I wear for Instagram. Ah well, it’s a healthy addiction. And if you’re the same you’re in luck. Because I teamed up with Samsung and I’m giving away 4 Samsung Note Galaxy Note II smartphones (just in stores for 699 euros!). I'll be testing out the brand new device myself and entering only requires a fashionable comment with some creativity.

To enter just leave a comment with: 
1) your e-mail address and which country you're from
2) tell me about 3 things that show your personal style/inspire you that you would be able to photograph with the Samsung Galaxy Note. E.g. Your favorite pair of shoes, a friend that inspires you, a dress your DIY’ed or a t-shirt of your favorite band. Don't make it too complicated because if you get picked… you’ll actually be taking these four pictures with your brand new Samsung device and sending them to me!

I’ll pick the winners this SUNDAY so comment your creative and fun ideas for 3 fashion pictures as soon as you can! After all, inspiration isn't something to overthink, right? ;) (I'll need your home address that day so keep an eye on your inbox)


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