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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Ever since I posted a photo of my breakfast smoothie on instagram I got a lot of questions on exactly how to make this. No Nigella Lawson skills needed, literally any fool with a blender can do this and it takes two minutes tops. The mix of sweet (vanilla yoghurt), sour (berries) and bitter (cacao) flavors and the fibers and body it gets from the milk and the crushed seeds makes it the perfect breakfast drink to start your day with. 

what you need:
- two or tree hands of (frozen) blueberries and raspberries
- 1 chopped banana
- little glass of low fat milk
- little glass of vanilla flavoured yoghurt
- tablespoon of cacao nibbs
tablespoon of crushed flax or chai seeds

Throw all of this in to your blender, gear up in high speed and wait for a beautiful pink color. Top it off with some extra vanilla yoghurt and a few berries. Good mornings guaranteed!


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