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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Over the past years, the most requested post by far is on how I curl my hair. After almost four years it's FINALLY here: my six steps to soft and loose curls. I have no excuse, other than that it seemed far more complicated to photograph than it actually was. This entire routine takes me just 10 minutes after some practice! Let me know if you're going to give it a go! For similar hair fun, try out my braided bun tutorial here

My guide to loose curls/waves:
1) Part your hair in the middle or side. Slightly tease some parts of hair, focussing on your roots and on the top part of your head. I don't brush like a maniac, short but powerful strokes going towards your scalp are less damaging. Apply (firming) heat protector for that same reason.

2) Divide your hair in to a bottom and top section (I often do three sections, with one more little section at the top). Then I part that bottom half of my hair at the back - so you end up with a right side and a left side. Split each side in half, split that half in to another half... You get the point! Until you have 6 or 8 somewhat equal pieces that are about 3 centimeters wide.

3) Curl each lock of hair going outward, so twisting away from your face with the iron. This way the curls frame your face. I clip the iron on a lock, slide the iron down until only the tips of the hair are in the iron and then curl up. Instead of rolling it up horizontally, I curl more vertically. 

4) Absolute key: hair spray each individual lock of hair right after you curled it. I only spray while and after I'm curling and don't use mousse beforehand because too much product makes it too heavy to stay in. 

5) Now start curling the top section in the same way. Take slightly smaller sections section for more defined curls on top. Especially at the front of your head, by your face. Hold each curl for a minimum of five seconds. (I prefer a lower heat and leaving it in a little longer) 

6) For soft yet strong waves instead of those super defined curls (crunchy hair is never a good look!) run your fingers through your hair or even brush it out like I always do. For more volume and grip I then hang my head upside down and mist hair spray all over my hair, focussing on the ends, but that didn't photograph too well ;)


PS. Weapons of choice are Remington pro soft curl that I used here or Carmen straight and curl. I'd suggest a curling iron between 1 and 1,5 inch wide.

Ph. Eefje Gerritsjans


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