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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

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I jokingly wrote about it in my last post, but the days I spend behind my computer has seriously taken its toll. Given that I make a living by writing (still a surreal thing to realise, I suddenly feel so Carrie Bradshaw-ish), I spend at least 5 days a week behind my computer, mostly typing, scrolling, online shopping, Facebooking and other -ing words. For the past week or three I’ve had a painful, strained feeling on my right arm (yup, the active one in charge of the mouse) at the end of each long day. I’d lay in bed with an arm that felt so heavy, tingly and strange, almost like it was detached from my body, and woke up with a normal arm only for this cycle to start all over again.

I took it way too lightly and forced myself (STUPID!) and, inevitably, woke up recently with the feeling still there. Terrified that this RSI thing is here to stay and of how this might affect my job, I ordered myself to limit typing to a minimum for a few days. Please take my heartfelt advice to give yourself a break and change your work space as soon as this begins. I’m sure that it's something a lot of us get to deal with in this computer driven work field. 

I feel so uneasy and a bit guilty for not being able to do my work and emails at the best of my ability but I know you understand, as always :) Love and see you soon! Yara


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