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Monday, 12 November 2012

Remember I was giving away four Samsung galaxy note II smartphones to my lovely readers a little while ago? Each winner had to send in some pictures of things that inspired them or that showed their style. These are pictures me and the four winners took with our Samsung device(I love the two cats by winner Eef, winner Sara reading my blog on her Samsung, the sunset and DIY studded All Stars by winner Joshi and art exposition in Berlin by winner Kirsten!).

I'm extremely un-tech savvy, to the point of embarrassment, so it took me a full day to figure out this Samsung since it's so advanced. It's slightly bigger, like a mini tablet, so that's great for surfing. And the best and most fun part to me is that you can draw and hand write on the screen (see that third left picture). Great for to do lists, scribbles of an imaginary clothing collection or hand written love notes ;) 


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