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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Because there are actual people that don't consider their iPhone 5 a body part (what?!) and therefore don't have it glued to their hands, here's a cozy little scrapbook of what happened on the massively addictive Instagram lately. Snaps include peeks at my interior decorations - I now have a thing for two or three big, fresh flowers like the lilies shown above, an enormous Sephora palette, my berry and banana smoothie recipe, a childhood picture of me (insert collective 'ahhww'), a part of my office look, and my oxblood PS11 with matching faux fur. You can find my daily Instagrams on username @yaragotstyle if you'd like!

PS. I'll probably be back to a daily blog posting rhythm as of this week :) thank you for your patience during the past few days, and for understanding health is a huge priority. I'm doing slightly better but the arm pain is kind of exhausting, yikes. Retail therapy and your ongoing support are massive helpers ;)


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