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Monday, 10 December 2012

To BB or not to BB, that’s the question. Most of you visiting regularly know that besides fashion I’m an admirer and secret hoarder of all things beauty related (some proof here, here and here). By now we’ve probably all heard of BB creams – I don’t think there’s a beauty brand in today’s world that hasn’t marketed one or is working on that yet. It's a phenomenon that took over the Asian beauty world so permanently that it was just a matter of time before it found it’s way to us. I’m always up for something new, so when Nivea (to me a total classic; their hand and face creams have been in my beauty cabinets for ages) sent me their new BB cream in light and medium I decided to give it a try.

Whenever I apply make-up, skin is one of the most important things to me. It’s the canvas, and I feel like you can get away with just a tiny bit of eyeliner and some fresh, rosy cheeks if you have (seemingly!) perfect skin. And O never want anything to be mask like. That’s where a product like BB cream comes in (short for Blemish Balm). It’s a two-in-one product (gotta love the efficiency) because 1) it gives slight coverage – for days on which you don’t need much but want to even out your skin tone and look radiant and 2) it’s said to protect your skin from sun and surroundings and improve your complexion while wearing it with nourishing ingredients. So it’s a day cream and a light foundation rolled up in one, amped up with extra minerals, vitamins and shea butter.

So what has my experience been? I’ve been using it for a few weekends (usually that’s when I tone down my make-up routine a bit and just want to feel and look fresh without any hassle) and really like this already just as a moisturizer. I didn’t need any other moisturizing, even for dry winter days. Coverage was actually quite good, close to some of the foundations I’ve had. Dark circles were touched up with a bit of extra concealer. I should say my skin tone is almost translucent this time of year, so even the light color was slightly dark on me. (And as most BB's in the West, it has an orange undertone where I personally gravitate towards yellow). This would be absolutely perfect for me when it’s summer (when you don’t want much on your face anyway), so now let’s just find a sunny destination to wear it at, right? ;)


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